Meet Amber
Get to know the woman behind the movement, her life, what she stands for, and what her plans are for our state!

Early Life


Amber Daniels was born in a small town in Indiana. Her family moved to Ohio when she was three years old, for a management position her father took at a plastics factory in Columbus. Amber’s parents are the definition of hardworking and dedicated Americans. Her father worked 60 hours a week and still managed to coach her softball team. Her mother worked a full time job as well, taking her lunch break early in her shift, to be able to come home and provide Amber a hot breakfast before driving her to school every day. Through their guidance, love and dedication Amber learned the importance of hard work and that family is everything.


After graduating High School, Amber’s parents moved out of state and she chose to stay back in Ohio to continue with her education at Columbus State Community College. While attending college, Amber worked 3 jobs to make ends meet.
After completing her first year, she made the difficult decision to postpone her education to be better able to support herself at the time.

Amber worked various jobs in healthcare, sales, service, and management before settling into a career in marketing. She later went back to school and finished her degree.


In 2009, Amber and her husband Jim, moved to the Village of Lithopolis.  Amber is an active member of the local community there. She is currently the secretary of the Bloom Carroll elementary school PTO Board, and the treasurer of her Home Owners Association. She also created a local group for the Lithopolis Area Moms, to better connect them with one another.

After the birth of her son, Amber took a position as a community marketing specialist.  This position afforded her the ability to take her child with her to work. It was for a grassroots organization that allowed her to go out into the community and have meaningful conversations with parents around the central Ohio area. Through these interactions, Amber found many common threads that connect us all. Regardless of the factors that divide people, most are faced with similar concerns with regards to their families. They ask things like:

“How can I afford to put healthy food on the table?”

 “Is my children’s education preparing them properly for their future?”

 “How can I keep my family safe from illnesses and injury without bankrupting myself from the cost of health care?”

 “How do I protect my children from outside influences like bullying, drugs, and the negative impact that social media can play on their mental health?”

Amber has heard all these concerns and has them for her family, as well.

Why She’s Running

If you ask Amber why she is running, she will give you an earful but it all boils down to one thing, she wants to help people.  The people of her district have gone too long without proper representation. She is committed to stand up for the true rights of workers and their families:

 The right to have a collective voice in their workplace

 The right to a fair wage for an honest day’s work

 The right to adequate health care that doesn’t bankrupt the family

 The right to a free appropriate public education

 The right to adequate representation at the Statehouse by a leader who always has the people they are representing in mind.  

To truly represent people, you need to get to know them and visit their communities often to stay up on the changing issues they face. That is why she plans to visit every corner and every town, and have real one-on-one interactions with the people in the communities, to better understand the areas she will serve. She wants the people in these communities to know that she will not only represent them, but that their voices matter and that she will take their collective voice to the Statehouse. The issues facing the 78th are just as important as the issues facing the rest of the 99 districts in Ohio.

Anybody who knows Amber personally can tell you, when it comes to a matter of the heart, which the issues affecting her district are matters of the heart, she is relentless in her persistent pursuit of answers and solutions that will benefit those she cares about, and she cares about the people of her district, in all of the local communities it encompasses. The time to stand up and join her is now, it is time to fight for the heart of it all!